Evangelist: James E. Cleveland

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Those who aspire to be a partaker with the Lord in His End-Time purposes must enter the School of Christ and be recreated, developed, and trained. These must pass through a process of crucifixion, testing, chastening and correction.

The first thing necessary is to discover this School of Preparation, then seek to gain entrance. One must know that this course of training is available before he can enter its classes. A knowledge of its requirements is helpful; accepting them is essential. Unless we submit to this time of processing, our participation in His End-Time purposes cannot be obtained.

Except we, in some measure, come to understand God’s ways of working, we may find ourselves involved in that which is at cross purposes with Him. He may be trying to crucify us through a certain individual, but all we see is someone trying to do us wrong. God may be applying the chastening rod, but we interpret it as someone wrongly abusing us.

If we will consider past persons and events and can recognize God at work refining us, we will find ourselves in His School of Preparation, having entered without our being aware of it.

Before we will be able to rightly relate to the classroom lessons of this school, we must come into a practical relationship with the Holy Spirit as our director and teacher. Each individual will be in a class by himself and receive the lessons specifically fitted to the crucifixion of his will, heart, and carnal nature. These deal inwardly, backward in correction concerning incidents of the past, and forward in preparation toward the intended position and work to occupy us in that day.

Jesus, the Master Rebuilder, is at hand through the Holy Spirit, diligently working with fullers soap, refiner’s fire, winnowing fan, trying circumstances, and unreasonable people. He will bring to bear all these, and many other crucifying, chastening, and correcting people and trying things, which are exactly suited to our individual processing.

The only safe way is to face them all. See no man. Rather, see it as being appointed of the Lord. The Lord will formulate conditions, and set in our path persons adapted to reach and correct our every crooked or warped tendency. We must accept and understand the fact that it is the Lord at work.

An almost endless variety of incidents and people, strangely unaccountable, may gather around us. If we will remain steadfast and faithful, after we come through it all, we will be a greatly changed person, and have become “a vessel unto honor, sanctified, and meet for the Master’s use, and prepared unto every good work (2 Timothy 2:21).”

There are many who talk about End-Time truth, but few seem to find the door that leads into this School of Holy Spirit Preparation. Jesus said of the Pharisees, “They say, and do not.”

“But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves (James 1:22).”

Evangelist: James E. Cleveland


The Vision of this ministry

The theme of these messages and vision of this ministry, is moving on to deeper depths and higher heights in God. We must continually reach for greater truths if we want to go on in Him. We must be willing to be pioneers of faith, daring to tread in realms of the Spirit that are unknown to the natural man. There is no limit in God, so we must break down the limitations that have been imposed upon us by the mind of man, and dare to believe for the fulness of the Spirit in our day. 

To know Jesus Christ in a greater way, and to bear His image and have His Life working in us, and to know our place in His Body… this is the burden of this ministry. I realize there are many doctrines being promoted in these last days, both good, bad, and indifferent. I do not quarrel with those who spend their time publishing certain doctrines, but the reason I do not indulge in this is that they are not relevant to our purpose and desire, and that is… to know Christ! 

The message of Sonship, being conformed to His image, is not just another doctrine of this temporal passing order. It is eternal truth that shall not pass away with the ages. To know Him in depth, and to manifest Him in His fulness in our lives, is the goal for which we are aiming… the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus! 

The revelations brought forth in this ministry are not the ultimate of God. No such claim is made. But as we eat of His Word, and digest the Truth, then He will draw back the Veil and reveal more of the glory and beauty of the Christ. If you are of His fold, you will hear and recognize His voice, and you will know that you are being introduced to deeper truths. 

And now, may God bless you as you open your heart, with your Bible near at hand, to carefully and prayerfully consider these things that our dear Lord has given me to share with His Body. May the Spirit and wisdom in the knowledge of Him be yours at this time! In Him.

Evangelist: James E. Cleveland


About this ministry as seen through the eyes of a member of the congregation that I was preaching a service

Please read the following email we received.

Dear Brother Cleveland. Having had an opportunity to be in one of your services lately, I wanted to write you, and give you an brief account, of what I obtained through your ministry.

There was no glitz or glamour, no outward show, when Brother Cleveland came and took the service. Just a man dressed in a pair of slacks and a white shirt and tie. The scripture came to my mind that there was no beauty, that men should desire him, when the Prophet spoke about the coming of Jesus and the true ministry. All of the formalities that has been associated with the ministry and church was not there, as this man took out his guitar and sat down and hit a chord on the guitar. When he began to play, it was as though heaven was open and all of the glory of God filled the temple. He sang only two songs and they were not rehearsed or planned out, they were by the Holy Spirit. Then he put away the guitar, open the Bible, read some scriptures, and the word began to flow as a river of life. It was truly God speaking to the people, as Brother Cleveland expounded the word of God as I have never heard it before. He spoke for about an hour and what a Glorious word. Then he called a couple of people out of the congregation and told them things about their life that only God would know.They were healed and delivered and glorified God. Then he gave an opportunity to the people to give to his ministry that he might continue to carry the gospel. Not alot of vague promises, and not and hour to keep pulling the people to give more, just a simple man who took a simple offering. I thought to myself, this man is depending on God to supply the need and does not have, nor need gimmicks to take an offering. The service was dismissed and I left a much better man than when I first came to the service. I can truly say this is a man of God that has the true message of God and I am glad when they said unto me, let us go unto the house of the Lord. If you get a chance, you need to hear this man. God bless you.

A brother in Christ.

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